Why Teamwork Needs A Vision

Working as a team doesn’t come naturally to most people. In this article you will learn six action items for developing your vision and winning team.

The difficulty of working as a team often lies in an individuals willingness to play a secondary role, and focus on a team vision. Teamwork requires cooperation geared towards a purpose much larger than individual goals. The number one desire of all people is to have a feeling of importance, which is an individualized need, making teamwork type sacrifices challenging, which is the basis of why teamwork requires a big picture target in order to succeed.

At times in a job it can be accomplished easier, because each person in an organization has a particular job description or duty they must perform to make sure the business or organization runs and functions the way it is supposed to. Still, even in those situations, you find people competing for promotions, jockeying for position, attention, bigger paychecks, etc.

Now ponder professional sports, where the person who scores the most, or has the most recognition gets the most compensation, the most bonuses, the most endorsements. Amidst all the individual opportunity, here’s reality – if teams don’t have a winning season, if a business isn’t profitable, if a charitable organization can’t arrive at it’s target, the result is failure for the team as a whole, as well as the players with super size egos. All being the foundational reason why vision is required for any team’s victory.

Regardless of the type of business, you need to understand that in order for any team to prosper and succeed, there is a goal larger than your own, and the entire team have got to work together for the common goal. The group must be unified in vision, understand where the organization is going, and must sacrifice their personal agendas in order to reach it’s potential.

As entrepreneurs, yes we all started out because we have a goal, we have a longing to make a certain level of income for whatever that will provide. The majority of business owners start their venture with a completely personal agenda, to increase your income, to be your own boss, for financial independence, to travel more, donate more, etc.

No matter what your motivation is, please know, you are also one piece of an entire success picture, counting others you may work with, and the company as a whole. The more successful the company, the more chance you have to help more people become free. The more profitable the business, the more perks it can give. More profits means a greater opportunity for market expansion and improvements. When an organization fails, every member of that team fails in that instance. Then again, if each person does what they can, takes personal responsibility, then both the company, and the individuals succeed.

Six action items for developing your vision and winning team:

1. Determine your organization’s goals.

2. Examine where you are, so you can figure out what it will take to reach the goal.

3. Detail the resources you have and will need.

4. Determine whose cooperation and team support you will need.

5. Put your individual goals to the side – short term sacrifice

6. Be a giver, not a taker.

You will never reach the levels of success you desire until you make the decision to be a servant of the goals, rather than your personal short term gain. If you focus more on giving praise and glory to your team, rather than taking it, you can establish a culture of devotion, where true teamwork prevails. Long term lasting success is why teamwork needs a big vision, because without it, failure is inevitable. The fruit of teamwork is victory, because if the team succeeds, the individuals succeed.

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