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In order to succeed in building a high performance team, you and your organization need to engage in team building activities. In this article Luna Mohanty of the Corporate Learning Institute of Illinois explains.

The Need for Corporate Team Building Activities in Today’s Tough Economy

By Luna Mohanty

Today’s economic challenges leave many workers with emotional deficits. Many employees are tapped out, and are not at their best performance potential. One way to reenergize employees is to help them reconnect as team members working on the same or similar goals. Human contact, collaboration, communication, and support can improve performance and worker attitude.

However, many corporations do not see the value in reuniting individuals, or fail to understand how teams can affect the bottom line. Even if teamwork is a valued approach to completing tasks at work, many corporations do not invest the time or money to develop teams in their work place. This article will review some team building activities that can be useful in building effective teams.

Team building activities are often called experiential learning activities because they require participation and active learning. Teamwork activities can be created by internal staff or by an external consultant.

Team building activities which can be offered internally can include gathering a team and having them share their common goals, set action items needed to accomplish the goals and develop processes and procedures to complete the action steps. Many other approaches can be used by internal staff to facilitate team-building activities.

Contacting the Human Resources department is also useful. External consultants also offer experiential learning activities, it is important to understand the needs, and readiness levels a team. Experiential learning activities include case studies; break out creative thinking exercises, physical team building activities and other possibilities.

Experiential learning activities help teams discover a challenge, think about alternative approaches, and complete the challenge using teamwork skills including communication, cooperation, and commitment. Other teamwork activities include team assessments, which help team members discover their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Regardless of the team building activities chosen, most teams benefit from the additional information and time to build their best team approach. Teamwork activities can make the difference between a team being marginal performance or becoming a high performance team. The extra margin of effort, ability, and motivation can create break-through performances, which directly affect a company’s bottom-line, profitability and competitive advantage.

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